Via Roma 18 - Capistrello(AQ)

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Eos Chamber Music Festival takes its name from the namesake Greek goddess corresponding to the latin Aurora. It is the divinity of the day, who opens the gates of Paradise aboard a chariot pulled by two horses for the sun to rise; a beautiful woman with pink fingers and god-plate arms who wearing a saffron-colored dress woven of flowers, mother of the winds Bora, Euro, Zephyr and Austro. Therefore Eos is renewed every day bringing light, splendor and serenity: a wish that arises as the foundation of the Festival.

The activities of the Festival

Our Festival was born in July 2021, on the wonderful island of Ventotene, parallel to
Ambient’Azioni Musicali activities – an international summer campus in musical performance – and
is the result of a path of work, research, experimentation, maturation, lasted almost 10 years.
Eos is its natural extension, which operates on an academic level marked by excellence.
It is also configured as a response to the enormous need that the entire musical world has for
reboot, reorganize, reconnect with society; literally the dawn of a new period.

The next edition will take place from 18 to 24 July 2022.

The objectives

The protagonists of Eos Festival will be great musicians on the international scene, but above all 8 young talents of classical music who will be selected through an online audition. The winners will receive a scholarship to cover their accommodation costs on the island at the “Santa Candida” Hospitality House (places in male and female dormitories) and a travel expense reimbursement of € 60. They will also have the opportunity to perform in chamber ensembles alongside renowned musicians in the most evocative places on the island of Ventotene; then they will work closely with them for a week through open rehearsals and individual meetings and will learn how to take on cope the preparation of concerts in a serious and effective way. The main intent is to identify the professionals “of tomorrow” and set up a springboard launch for their career. All the concerts of the Festival will be recorded and broadcast on dedicated streaming channels.

How to participate in the audition for musicians

To take part in the Eos Festival, the “Maxima Entropia” Cultural Association announces an audition online which provides for the award of eight scholarships, two for each of the following instruments: piano, violin, viola, cello. Interested students should send the video of a live performance with a free choice program of one or more pieces in chamber ensembles for a maximum duration of 15 minutes. The required material must be sent (via wetransfer or youtube link) no later than May 15, 2022.
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How the selection takes place

The commission, made up of the musicians of the Festival, will transmit the result of the selection by May 22, 2022. Non-selected students will still have the opportunity to enroll in a course on the Campus “Ambient’Azioni Musicali”, which will take place in Capistrello (AQ) from 4 to 10 July 2022 (on organizational contribution will be considered as an advance on the attendance fee), or participate in Eos with the “Backstage” formula. The commission reserves the right not to award part of the scholarships if the level of candidates did not correspond to the required requirements. The registration fee is not refundable under any circumstances, except for the cancellation of the hearing. The Commission’s judgment is final. For any controversy, the forum of L’Aquila.

How to participate in the Call for Scores for composers

On the occasion of the second edition of Eos Festival, the Cultural Association “Maxima Entropia” proposes a Call for Scores for young composers intended for ensembles such as string trio, trio con piano or string quartet with piano. The candidate will have to compose a piece inspired by the figure of Pier Paolo Pasolini – on the occasion of the centenary from birth – in which the characteristics, the profile, the aspects that most represent the timbric and evocative nature of the chosen musical instruments. From the the most proper and possibly contrasting characteristics of the individual instruments must emerge, as a narrative process that contemplates a profound and interpenetrating relationship between them. The length of the piece must be between 5 and 8 minutes. The winning piece will be performed during Eos Festival and will be performed, depending on of the selected staff, in mixed formations with the teachers of the Festival and the selected young musicians. Young composers of all nationalities, born after 1 January 1987, can participate at the Call for Score 2022.
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Take part in the backstage of Eos Festival

This exceptional offer is aimed at all young musicians and enthusiasts who wish to live a real full immersion in the Festival. Are you an instrumentalist and would you like to participate in the selections in the future to perform with our artists? Or are you simply curious to know what is behind the scenes of a Festival? By registering with the Backstage formula you can participate in the organization, attend the rehearsals and to the preparation of the concerts, to live a week next to fantastic musicians in an amazing place and take advantage of the agreements stipulated for room and board on the island.