Via Roma 18 - Capistrello(AQ)

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Cultural Association “Maxima Entropia”

A group of young musicians, students and lovers with common characteristics: passion, philanthropy, commitment, art, beauty. This is what we of the Cultural Association “Maxima Entropia” are. The desire to disseminate musical, artistic and cultural knowledge in general, with particular attention to the world of youth and art music led to our foundation, in 2011, and since then he never abandoned us.

In our 12 years of activity we have seen countless musicians grow, started many collaborations, worked closely with incredible professionals, held dozens of events, promoted
cultural exchanges. Specifically, we promote the organization of training and continuing education courses, cultural exchange activities, debates, conferences, preparatory courses and music therapy, music and cultural festivals in general that bring the love for culture to the squares as well as in theaters, making use of the collaboration of artists and professionals of the international cultural scene. We have always been characterized by a strong environmental streak and attention for the beauties of our peninsula to be discovered. Our activities are concentrated in the various locations like the inland Abruzzo, natural reserves, marine protected areas, archaeological sites.

In January 2022, thanks to the collaboration with Francesca Lanz and Marcella Sanna, ForMusicAzione was established, through which it organizes Orff – Schulwerk methodology
courses, training and continuing education courses, seminars, residential intensive courses. FMA has developed an innovative model of good practice on online music teaching, which allows it to offer significant training units for the various orders and grades of the Italian school.FMA is in the process of being recognized by the national OSI sistem (Italian Orff Schulwerk).
In addition to the concert activity held in his own venues, the events for 2023 include the participation in the European Music Festival (21st June), the international summer Campus “Ambient’Azioni Musicali” (from 11th to 18th June in Capistrello), “Eos” Festival (from 28th august
to 3rd september in Ventotene island) and Chamber Concerts Festival “Note d’autunno”.

Associazione culturale “Maxima Entropia” P.Iva 0183503066