How to Sign Up

The Registration can take place online, or you can download and fill out the pdf form and send in a sealed envelope to the following address :
Associazione “Maxima Entropia” Via Roma, 18 – 67053 Capistrello (AQ) – Italia
together with the proof of payment of an advance of € 100.
The advance shall be granted on the c/c of the ” Maxima Entropia ” with the words “Contributo organizzativo Ambient’Azioni Musicali 2019”:

Associazione Culturale “Maxima Entropia”
IBAN: IT 61 I 08327 40500 000000002678
BCC Roma, Agenzia 52, Via Roma 126/128, 67053 Capistrello (AQ) – Italia
*Remember that even if enrollment Online will need to send in order to VALIDATE THE REGISTRATION , via e – mail to the address the copy of the advance payment of 100 €.
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