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Artistic Director Claudia Scatena

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International Summer Music Masterclass


July 20th – 26th 2019

Ventotene (LT), Italia

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Deadline June 30th

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“Ambient’Azioni Musicali” was created by a group of young musicians in 2010, the idea of creating a thematic section focused on classical music within the Festival “Ambient’Arti” in Morino, an event that for many years has been realised in the wonderful setting of the Natural Reserve “Zompo lo Schioppo”. For five years the activities of the Campus took place in various locations of the Aquila territory, thus giving the opportunity to many students and teachers from all over the world to participate in educational experience of the highest artistic and cultural value. With a significant experience consolidated over the years and the considerable international response that saw an exploit of adhesions in the previous two editions , the Campus is now a tradition in the field of residential music seminars and the summer events of Central Italy.

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[/cth_countdown][cth_addtocalendar event_start=”2016-07-24″ event_end=”2016-07-30″ timezone=”Europe/Rome” event_title=”Ambient’azioni Musicali” location=”Ventotene (LT), Italia” organizer=”Maxima Entropia” organizer_email=”info@maximaentropia.com”]International Summer Music Masterclass

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Lessons include intensive individual meetings between students and teachers, and a variety of group activities such as concerts, music workshops and interdisciplinary activities between the different instrument classes. The ultimate goal is to set up a musical activity of high artistic level, to increase the technical skills of the students and provide a preparation useful to an artistic and human development of those qualities necessary for a work founded on competence and mastery of the means .


The Courses

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”16px”][cth_featurebox icon=”” title=”Instrument”]The main aim of the instrument courses will be to address in detail the traditional technical problems of the respective instruments while at the same time to guide students toward a correct stylistic and intellectual approach to the interpretation of different works, in order to create conditions for a reading of the text that is rigorous and original at the same time. Although individual, the lessons will be public, in order to promote a greater interaction among students. The program of courses is free.[/cth_featurebox][cth_featurebox icon=”” title=”Chamber music”]The course is designed to chamber groups already formed, or individual students who want to create a chamber group during the campus. [/cth_featurebox][cth_featurebox icon=”” title=”Overtone singing”]Overtone singing is a corpus of vocal techniques whose common peculiarity is to make the overtones of a fundamental sound clearly perceptible. Used from time immemorial in shamanic rituals and self-realization contexts, they have been rediscovered and given new impulse in the West by contemporary musicians since the end of the sixties. The participants (max. 25, no previous music knowledge or experience necessary) will learn the basic techniques of overtone singing and their utilization in various contexts, plus the main lines of harmonic thought from Pythagoras to the present. The essential pre-requisite is curiosity for the world of sound and vibration, as well as being open to a journey within, using one’s own voice to access deep states of consciousness. To  check the program click here: MAKING MUSIC WITH OVERTONE SINGING [/cth_featurebox][cth_featurebox icon=”” title=”Lute and Classical Guitar”]
The course is aimed at lutenists and modern guitarists who wish to deepen the performance practice of Renaissance and Baroque repertoire for lute and similar instruments. A part of the course will be dedicated to the practice of basso continuo, through specific exercises and analysis of the executive technique, in particular dedicated to the “classical” guitar. This practice, still not widespread among modern guitarists, allows us to extend the repertoire to a greater extent, in many instrumental and vocal combinations, and to diversify the concert proposals by expanding the professional offer.
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Interchange between classes


In addition to taking part in the collective music activities and participate in the concerts planned by the event, it is allowed, and highly recommended, to the students to attend courses as auditors of one or more subjects in addition to the course in which they are enrolled as effective students.One of the main purposes of Ambient’Azioni Musicali project is the creation of an atmosphere of study and work in which relations among students and between them and the teaching staff is essentially based on interaction, on the mutual exchange of ideas and organization a common path, aimed at enhancing the talents and those human aspects inextricably linked to education and artistic activity.

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During the campus will be organised a series of concerts and itinerant performances in locations that will be decided together with the local institutions. Concerts include the participation of the teachers and pupils, in various formations.

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Choose your Course. If you want to know more about courses or if you have particularly needs please contact us
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Part-Time Students



Instrument Course



Piano Course

from 20th to 26th July



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Chamber Music


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Overtone Singing Course



You can also choose to be simply an Auditor Student

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Auditor Pass


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The Brochure

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Wall of Photos

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Our heartfelt thanks to all of you. Immense gratitude goes to those who have attended our courses only once, and to those who come every year.

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Located in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the island has been known since the time of the Greeks with the name of Pandataria (she who gives everything). Today Ventotene is a tourist destination for those who want to rediscover peace and tranquility, almost a place of voluntary exile and a refuge surrounded by nature. Spending a vacation on the island means having the opportunity to swim in an extraordinary sea, enjoy the experience of an unique underwater dive; Ventotene also offers us the possibility of various tourist itineraries to discover the ruins of “Villa Giulia”, of the cisterns and of the ancient Roman port, of the ornithological observatory and much more. Since 1997 the Ventotene and S. Stefano islands have been declared a Marine Protected Area and since 1999 the State Natural Reserve.

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You can use the map below to find directions on how to reach us. We remind you that we will send you a map with directions even in the mail confirming your registration. For more info contact us.
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You can take advantage of the agreements we have stipulated:

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Casa di ospitalità

“Santa Candida”


per night

* limited places available

For Info
contact us

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“Parata Grande”


per night

* triple room. limited places available

+39 347 148 7138

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per night

* limited places available

+39 347 148 7138



Agriturismo “Parata Grande”


per meal

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How Can I Reach The Campus?

Ventotene can be reached from Formia or Napoli by ferry or hydrofoil.
To know the timetable Formia – Ventotene check the website:  http://www.laziomar.it/
To know the timetable Napoli – Ventotene check the website:
www.snav.it. For info contact us

Where Can I Sleep during The Masterclass?

The cost of accommodation is not included in the course fees. The Campus can offer full board at extremely low prices. We also have agreements with different structures of the Area. For more info contact us

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How Can I Pay?

All payments will be made following the same procedure, divided into two parts. The payment of an advance by bank transfer required to validate enrollment and then the balance of the remaining part, which can be done either by bank transfer or directly at the Campus. For more info please see section Sign up

Can i Be Refunded?

Our Payment policy provides for the registration in advance, which can not be refunded. If the following balace has been paid, it can be refunded at the moment of cancellation.

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For more info contact us.We will answer you within 8 hours

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Comune di Ventotene, Piazza Castello n. 1
04031, Ventotene (LT), Italia,

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Info 340-6103547

Press 345-2298292

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We thank all our Sponsors.

[/vc_column_text][cth_sponsors arrows=”false” centermode=”true” autoplay=”true” sponsorsimgs=”4332,4269,4270″]http://www.comune.ventotene.lt.it/hh/index.php


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We warmly thank all those who contributed to the creation of Ambient’Azioni Musicali 2019 showing us their closeness and believing in us. Thank you so much: Vincenza Angeletti, Fabio Fabellini, Giulia Piaggio, Corrado Giusti, Germana Giancola, Ive Fabi, Gregorio Claudel, Renato Zenobi, Luigi Scatena, Lovania Capodacqua, Bruno Stati, Giuseppe Salustri, Anna Conti, Marina Signore, Giuseppina Ozzella, Federica Giancola, Cristina Cervellati, Dominique Rioland, Cinthya Gemelli, Roberta Piaggio, Lilia Malpassini.

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